Ombré Brows Are A Fabulous Technique With Stunning Results

With Ombré Powder Brows  you get a soft filled-in makeup look. Ombre Eyebrows Christina Freeman Love Beautiful Skin Canton, Akron, Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio

Ombré Brows Are A Fabulous Technique With Stunning Results

Ombré / Powder Brows are a type of permanent makeup, like Microblading. Using a different technique and tool, powder ombré eyebrows leave you with a soft filled-in makeup look, lasting 18-24 months on average. With a tattoo machine, we create a beautifully designed brow that is darker at the tail and fades to a light soft finish giving you the perfect ombré makeup affect!

Ombré Powder Brows are waterproof and look beautifully realistic.  This fabulous technique can be combined with microblading for a 3-D realistic looking brow or used by itself with stunning results.  The ombré powder eyebrow technique is also less traumatic on the skin, making it a lovely option for aging, sensitive, and scar prone skin. 

“Being a Skincare expert with years in the industry, my desire is to give you the best treatment possible to enhance your natural beauty.” – Christina Freeman, Owner, Head Esthetician

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