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The NO COST anti-aging SECRET

The NO COST anti-aging SECRET

Hello my beautiful readers! I hope you all are doing well on this lovely day. I bet you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to reveal this top secret anti aging product. Now, don’t get mad at me if you have already heard of it (insert clinched teeth emoji). Drumroll please…

Just a little snippet

Hey ya’ll! Check out my first vlog (video blog). Lots of areas to improve on, but you’ve got to start somewhere. This was great practice for my future tutorials, reviews, ect. Hope you enjoy! xo

Target does it again

Target does it again…Makeup!

Who doesn’t love a good Target trip?!? Baby food, diapers, light bulbs, an extension cord, and MAKEUP!!! (Just in case you wanted to know what all I bought) lol. Here are the fun makeup items I got for the look I created above…

Just Another Beauty Blog

Just Another Beauty Blog

Welcome to my beauty blog!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.  This is an exciting new venture for me and I can not wait for us to take this journey together.  I hope you are inspired along the way to do something you’re passionate about.  To get to know me a little better, I am starting with a Q&A about the blog. Here goes…

Foundation...find your perfect match!!!

Foundation…find your perfect match!!!

Liquid or powder, foundations can be a pain to match to your skin tone.  You want a foundation that blends as closely as possible to your natural skin tone without leaving any harsh lines.  A few things you will want to do when shopping for a new foundation.

5 Steps to Get and Keep Glowing Skin

5 Steps to Get and Keep Glowing Skin (All Year!)

We’ve all seen her, the girl that walks in the room with skin that would make your baby’s butt jealous.  Maybe that was a little extreme but seriously, her skin is A-Mazing!  Here are 5 steps to achieving the JLo glow of your dreams.