Foundation…find your perfect match!!!

Liquid or powder, foundations can be a pain to match to your skin tone.  You want a foundation that blends as closely as possible to your natural skin tone without leaving any harsh lines.  A few things you will want to do when shopping for a new foundation.

  • Plan on being fresh faced when you go shopping (I heard that gulp…you can do it)
  • Go to a store that has testers readily available
  • Make sure you can check out your foundation in natural lighting (this will give you the most accurate coloring)
  • Whatever makeup line you go with choose 3 foundations to test that compliment your skin tone (warm, cool, or neutral)

Lets Get Started

Here is where you will want to test your foundations (down by your jawline). This gives you your most true skin tone as your cheeks are usually a bit darker.

Today, I am using Image I Conceal Foundation in 3 different shades.

From left to right. Porcelain (lightest color) Natural (med color) Beige (darkest color)

Make sure to use a cotton swab or applicator the store has available.  The last thing you want to do is transfer cooties with someone. Oh, and NO double dipping. Yuck!

Put a thin layer of each shade on your jawline (I put them on a little thicker than needed for the photos).

#1 (closest to ear) Natural #2 (middle) Porcelain #3 (closest to mouth) Beige

Wait a few minutes until the foundation starts to set into your skin. This is when you should go check it out in the natural lighting.

“Wa-lah!”  You now have your color!

Both the Natural #1 and the Beige #3 blend in to my skin.  The Natural is a neutral undertone and the Beige has a little bit more of a pink (cool) undertone.  I prefer the neutral tones on my skin and I think the Natural blends in better. The middle one #2 porcelain is WAY too light as you can see.

 Hope this helps you Beauties find your perfect match!!!  Until next time…

Be Fearless. Be Beautiful! xo

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  • Kelly Vance Sep 9, 2014 @ 16:13

    Such great info! I’ve never tried foundation before I bought it, and I never would have thought to walk outside and give it time to absorb! Love this idea for next time I purchase some!

    • christina Sep 9, 2014 @ 21:42

      I’m so glad you found the information helpful. Thank you so much for your feedback. xo

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